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Homeowners Maintenance Inspections

Pre-sale Home Inspections

Buyers Home Inspections

This is a buyer's inspection that takes place once the home is under contract. This will give you a clear picture of the condition of the home, and help reduce the likelihood of costly fixes in the future.
This is for current homeowners who are getting ready to put their home on the market. This will help you stay ahead of the game by knowing your properties issues and having them fixed. This will reduce the likelihood of the buyer backing out of their contract.
This is an inspection that allows the homeowner to identifiy and prioritize a home improvement list, and find small problems before they turn into big ones. This is also a great inspection to have before you have a home warranty expire.
KC Home Inspections
KC Home inspections is a certified and insured, local, family owned company that is proud to be a part of the Colorado Springs community. Our goal is to make sure that whether you are buying a new home or maintaining your existing home, it is a suitable and safe place for you and  your family to reside.
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